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Translated, Taekwondo means "The Art of the Hand and Foot," and originally comes from Korea, where it is still practiced as a national sport. Taekwondo is an exciting and powerful martial art known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques. Taekwondo is also one of the world's newest martial arts, formally getting its name in 1953. Its roots, however, are based on techniques tested for thousands of years. Martial arts techniques provide training of both the body and the mind toward the goals of physical fitness, self-defense, self-control, and self-realization.

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Zach and McKenzie

Our Teaching Concept

The ATA Black Belt Academy system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. At the ATA Black Belt Academy we realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are many additional benefits to be gained from involving your child in a martial arts program. Our basic building blocks for this system are:

  • Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Esteem

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Mrs MichaelWhy Learn Taekwondo?

The ATA Black Belt Academy has developed proven teaching methods that will not only help you learn the art of self-defense quickly and easily, but also provides a wide range of other exciting benefits for students of all ages and abilities.

We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength vary with each individual. However, once you have acquired a strong foundation in Taekwondo basics, our program will enhance your physical capabilities and maximize your self-defense skills. We train our students to the best of their abilities. All that is expected of you is a willingness to try.

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Quality students come from quality instruction!

  • Specialized programs for children
  • Internationally certified instructors
  • State Champion InstructorsMr. Glenn
  • Excellent student/instructor ratios
  • Ongoing private help


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